Where does all my time go….


Where does all my time go…. the true Answer is that I have Absolutely NOOOOOO Idea!!! And I’m totally okay with that!!! I mean …I wake up and literally 75% of the time I have no idea what I’m going to make/do that day.

Sooo about a week ago on one of those unplanned days I was scrolling facebook and came across one of my Sew Sisters in a Denim Apron that was to die for!!! And I knew I just had to have one..like Literally! And in that moment I began scouring the closets for jeans that I could deconstruct and turn into my little bit of Denim Fashion Heaven. And I found them …3 pair to be exact . 1 from each of my Gyrls and 1 from my personal statsh. And they worked Perfectly×♥♥♥♥  I cut them things up sooo fast and turned them into what’s probably 1 of the Favorite things in my Closet..I can’t wait till the right Opportunity to wear such a piece comes about. Imma let yall see all this extra-ness!!!!

What else…. Ohhhhh I got a Job!!! I know some of you might remember the Tuesday Morning attempt a few years ago that lasted not quite a week ..well I’m happy to say that this New Job is totally Perfect for Me!! I get to keep my easy mornings ( I go in at 11) and I spend the day with one of my Favorite things…FABRIC!!!!! It’s a Home Decor Fabric Store and affords me the opportunity to help others bring the rooms of their dreams into reality. Opulent draperies and wall tapestries galore…silks…furs..brocades..oh I just Love It!!! If you’re in the New Orleans area you must stop by, Artee´ Farics and Home on N Arnault Dr. ! And although I absolutely Love and Adore my Ankara fabrics ..I think it’s time for me to revisit Silks!  I’ve always enjoyed the feel of a well made silk taffeta skirt and I think there is something awesome about taking a textile that not necessarily meant for this type of Fashion and turning it into a wearable piece of Art. The fabric has such a fine weave yet the fibers are strong and allow for maximum volume and it catches the light giving off an almost iridescent tonality and such  high-end styling. It’s definitely a material that shouldn’t be ruled out when looking for your next Ball Skirt.


Whew… that was a lot and like always…it’s 0930 and I’ve been up since 0530 and so far…other than this Blog post, dishes and some laundry..I am still no closer to knowing where my time goes… I can however tell you this… I spend it with some Amazing People!! Some real Movers and Shakers… Models, actresses, Singers and other Creatives as well as My Day 1 Crew of Michael,Jordan & Jayni. I drink Amazing Coffees and Wines and Dine in some of the Finest Hole in the Wall Establishments. Life is Great..Sure there are a few things I want to change but Overall the closer I get to this 39th Birthday I am realizing that sometimes being able to LIVE in an uplanned, unscripted moment is the Absolute Best Use of our Time.


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