What a whirlwind of a week!!!

It’s always Amazing how my life goes from a quiet morning with a cup of coffee to..I need an outfit for tonight to well… ..just make 5 for a Fashion Show.. and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! And that’s just what happened to me last week . My dear SistaFriend Golden requested an outfit to wear to an event… during her fitting another friend liked her piece and agreed to model 1 for me with just a few tweaks… now Torrence is a bit of a style icon himself as well as a Who’sWho of New Orleans and fellow Entrepreneur …sooooo I was totally stoked to create for him..I mean he literally knows er’body… then on Thursday all that changed into.. get ready.. you’re about to be in a Fashion Show!!!!

I was overwhelmed with joy,nervousness and complete uncertainty… cause who can get a line together in 3 days with a partially packed up studio… well insert heavy doses of motivation from my Support Team and we got it done! The line hit a range of fabrics from Cotton to Satin and of course denim. I even applied Swarovski crystals by hand to 2 of the pieces. Of course I didn’t take any pics but you can watch the videos on my Facebook page. What a perfect way to kick off my Birthday week😍😘🤩

And I’m happy to announce that i’m still gainfully employed and really enjoy going to work! We got some new fabrics and I’m almost ready to start decorating/ designing. Im thinking faux leather drapes… and who knows I may even try painting again..

And Shout Out to Ms Cheryl @BlackSnowflake.. she and her friends totally rocked those Tower’s High Reunion t shirts!!

Ms King drove up from Texas and allowed me to make sure the🌏was ready for her …Fabulously 50

Ok, so now that you all know what’s going on in my world leave a comment and let me know what’s going on in yours!

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