Birthday Behavior

Now that I’m finally recovered from what was an Amazing Fun Filled Birthday Weekend I’m ready to usher in FAll and all of it’s charms.

But 1st let me give you the deets on the Birthday Shenanigans…1st My Sister drove here with my niece in tow and we began Celebrating Friday evening with diner at a local spot and followed that up with Beignets and stroll thru City Park. Saturday morning was kicked off with a trip to Daddy’s Doughnuts, shoe shopping for Morgan, Brunch at  Bittersweet Confections (their Gouda Grits were absolutely Blissful)  A trip to the Children’s Museum to Celebrate my Nephew Paxton turning 3 ( he and I share a Birthday) rounding out the day with a Burlesque show and some dancing at Bertha’s!!! I still can’t believe Golden got me to go to a Club, Happy to Say I’ve Still “Got It” 20180929_2123231853691647045496618.jpg

Sunday got off too a Lazy start but ended up with a bang!! We walked the French Quarter and had lunch, Samantha and Morgan both tried Oysters in the half shell ..Yucky,lol

Then we went to a Saints party and later that night a Concert where Casme Performed and even let me come on stage!! Casme’ is a Premier vocalist who’s soulful voice just takes you on a journey to a time when life was simpler and yet more meaningful. It was truly an honor to see /hear her perform once again. 20180930_2310137787815927008023737.jpg

And now on to Fall..this to me is the Season of Love..the temperature just makes you want to be close..the heat of the Summer is waning and the cold hasn’t quite come in yet..and the colors…warm and inviting..yes..Fall is definitely the Season of love20180930_1708598912413469548848750.jpg

This is when you get to bring out your long dusters and and lightweight jackets and boots that you got at the end of the season last year that have been dying to be worn.

I’m working on some new silhouettes for fall that really hug the curves and play off the features that I think often get overlooked by most fashion trends. I want to spotlight the Collarbone and the wrists. Sooo I’m going to be experimenting with open necklines and sleeves with loads of drama


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