Soooo Much Has Happened Since We Last Spoke

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I had the chance to update and check in with all of you via this platform…luckily today I have a few moments with which I’ll catch you guys up on whats been going on my life and with TMD

Mid October we were Blessed to Purchase and move into our 1st and what we hope will be our Forever Home! It sits in quiet New Orleans Subdivision along Lake Catherine and it’s Beautiful! I wake up most mornings to the sound of Ducks splashing in the water and some of the most Amazing Sunrises I’ve ever seen!

October kicked off what would be a few months of non stop activity!! Beginning with Sauni and Yim saying their I Do’s in a Wonderful ceremony at this Swanky Venue .

Shortly after this I was Honored to create for one of the Most Talented Artists to call New Orleans home Ms Casme’!!!!!  We wanted something that would capture her very essence. Filled with light and movement and wouldn’t get in the way when it was time for her to sing.  This luxe sequin adjustable wrap belt was what we came up with and it worked perfectly!

Michael ,Myself and a few of our friends had the Pleasure of attending her Birthday Celebration and of course we took several photos on the Funkadelic Red Carpet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Holidays were great, Baby J aka Jordan informed us we were to be grandparents and though totally unexpected I’m quite excited .  My Older sister and her family spent Christmas with us and we celebrated Raelyn’s 1st Birthday.

I’ll be Honest, this new house has left me with very little time to sew, it’s been one DIY after another…That and well I have a Job that get’s a big chunk of my time .

With the Onset of 2019 I vowed to create just a few looks to keep the creativity flowing and not let this skills get rusty,lol Soooo I made my very 1st Fur Vest…it was actually my 1st Fur anything!!! And there was fur everywhere ,lol  I did learn quite a bit with this project though..cut only thru the backing and lay tape along the cut lines to hold loose fur. I practiced draping and even played with some cheetah print!

The end of January saw an updated version of Vogue 9253 , I used Faux Leather and added elastic to the sleeves for a more sophisticated look.  Chalena was the perfect Model for this look giving it a lil extra Glam!


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