Ready for Round 2!


Guess who’s been chosen to participate in @CurvetheRunwayNola’s 2019 Fashion Show…..You Guessed it..MEEE!!!!! And I am Super Super Excited!!! I have no idea what on earth I’m going to make but I can say I will be putting lots of color into this year’s collection and keeping with my mantra of Functional Fashion. SN ..I was able to create an impromptu look for Ms Letrian (Curve The Runway) and that really gave me so much Motivation…I felt like I was really Walking in my Purpose! (We did clean up that hemline)                                              20190405_1714207998868998728733636.jpg

Sooo in the coming weeks not only am I going to continue with my Fabric dying process in order to really create a Signature technique I’m going to be studying body composition…I really want to understand curves and lines and proportions ..I want to develop a set of Master Patterns that I know will just “Work” and still allow for personal tweaks.

The 1st of these lessons came yesterday after doing some research in old fashion magazines and reading a book about pattern drafting..the book is downstairs so I’ll input it’s title later..

I made this duster about a month ago with the help of my friend Golden and though pleased with the results I knew I could make it better. I later tried it on Ms Holy and again saw that although it was a great fit ..i needed to change a few things to make it ..Better..So here’s what I did I raised the Shoulder line about 2 inches and even though it’s a single piece I was able to redraft and extend the waistline by about 3 inches so the flair of the garment began lower and really fell nicely over the hips. These are things that take a garment from homemade to Handmade. I am so Blessed to have friends who will spend hours helping me to perfect my designs!!! There is only so much you can do with a dress form so having real models helps alot!img_20190414_193748958800534345244652.jpg

I also finally completed my Parasol!!! I can’t wait till I have a chance to go to a festival and show it off!! It was a long time in the works as I was completing various other projects but the finished product was well worth the wait!!

I also Finished this wrap dress/hilo top that literally just took my breath and Chalenas’  away!! We did a lil photo shoot at work and realized that this look was Perfect for Her!! This is one of those things that once you put it on just have to smile!

There certainly more I’d like to share with you but I’ll save it for later in the week..

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