More Fashion and A Baby

Heeeeyyyyyy Everybody!!!

I’ve missed being able to chat and sip Tea with all of you but as usual my life has been a whirlwind of Awesomeness!!!

I’ll start with the most recent event….Lei totally Slayed in this 2 piece Ensemble at Essence!! I made it on a whim as I had been crushing on this fabric forever and just could never bring myself to cut it and finally I worked up the nerve … as fate would have it as soon as it was pressed Lei called needing something to wear..which was ok by Me since I usually just wear my tried and true Army Sweatsuit..EVERWHERE!!!! I’m sooo Glad she called!!


Next up can we just say This Summer is Definitely Golden!!! Here she is giving you just a few of the looks you can expect at this years @CurvetheRunway Fashion Show!! I am keeping true to TMD Classic Styling but with the addition of some new fabric types and accessories!!!

And Wrapping up this post is My Glam-Baby!!! Can’t believe she’s almost 2 months old! She is definitely keeping me on my toes!! She’s even inspired me to make a few baby garments !!

Hope you all are Enjoying your Summer as much as possible, Until Next Time..Stay Fashionable My Friends

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