Quick Updates and Pics

Just wanted to share that’s its almost time for Curve the Runway 2019!!! I’m so happy to once again be apart of something so Awesome and to share the Runway with such Amazing Designers!!!! Make sure you check out the site and Get Your Tickets ASAP!!! You don’t wanna miss this!!https://www.facebook.com/events/361889461163167/?ti=as for tickets and updates.

In other news… my Glam baby finally has a ponytail!!! She really is the Sweetest lil baby!! I love how she smiles when she sees me!

Today marks my 1 year Naturalversary and my only regret is not doing this sooner. There are days it’s alot of work but the rewards are worth it! My hair always smells good, it’s waaay thicker than before and I can be ready to go in no time. No longer chained to my flat irons.

Hope to see you all at the show, ttyl… this chick’s gotta SEW

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