The TMD Experience

Welcome to TMD where the Fashion is all About YOU and making sure you arrive in STYLE!!

I focus on making Garments that Suit both Personality and Lifestyle. I like Function with my Fashion..and sometimes the day will call for me to go from brunch with the Hubby to a Meeting with a Client and then to Cocktail hour with the Ladies…So when I get dressed I need an outfit that’s going to fit in with where ever the day takes Me.

Now you may want to know how does this Factor into the TMD Experience…well here it is ..I want you to be able to go anywhere and everywhere too and not be hindered by the outfit you selected before you left home that morning. And if you want to be EXTRA then…I’m here for that Too!!

Ultimately I just want You to feel good in what you’re wearing. So we’re gonna select your fabrics together and we’re gonna pick a silhouette that’s going to accentuate your shape.  And we’ll collaborate on accessories and hairstyles too!

Additionally the TMD Services will now include Personal Shopping and the Rental of Select Clothing Items from the “TMD Inspiration Rack” !  Sometimes you need something to wear and just don’t have the time to hit up your favorite stores..well TMD is here to help!! You get 2 hrs of shopping ( tailored to your needs and specifications ) complete with delivery and  returns of un-selected items for $75 + the Purchase Price of Accepted Items (includes but not limited to Special Occasion Wear and Gifts)  Items from the Inspiration Rack Rent for $40 for 48 hrs and include steaming and cleaning of Garments.


I am Excited to Create with and For You and to offer you a Shopping Experience unlike any other!!!!!